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Bus Routes Servicing the DRA

Buses Servicing Dallington:  All Buses that service Dallington were updated as of December 8th 2014.

They are as follows:
Route 44: Dallington to ARA (Christchurch Polytechnic).
Terminus is at Gayhurst RoadMcBratneys Road Roundabout.
Refer to the bus description for route 44 to find its full route details.

This bus is the only bus that goes into the centre of Dallington.

A proposal is being put together to ask ENVIRONMENT CANTERBURY (ECAN) TO ALTER THIS ROUTE so that the whole of route 44 becomes an inner circular route so that people can once again have access to Dallington regardless of which way they travel.

YOUR support is needed please!!

Let us know what you think of the idea via our contact page.

Orbiter Bus Route

Orbiter Bus Route:  The Orbiter Bus Route is a Circular Bus Route and operates by Circulating around Christchurch by interconnecting the major malls and the University of Canterbury.  It is a very good bus route to use.

The Orbiter is currently operated by Go Bus under contract to ECAN.

To check the buses frequency check its timetables which are usually available on the bus or on the METROINFO website.

Change Now Permanent!!:  As of Friday 1st January 2016 the The Orbiter Bus service will STAY ON what was the detour route permanently.  It will travel down North Parade, then turn right into North Avon Road, then turn left into Stamore Road, then turn left into Avonside Drive Connect with Woodham Road, then turn right into Kerrs Road, then turn right into Buckleys Road and drive down to Eastgate Mall.
The Orbiter Bus that travels anti-clockwise around the City does the opposite.

The Orbiter will not operate via Gayhurst Road and Dallington. Use Route 44 to connect to it at THE PALMS intersection.

WARNING:  This bus will never take you the City Exchange at Lichfield Street and Tuam Street.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to roadworks on Woodham Road The Orbiter currrently detours via Gloucester Street and Linwood Avenue.

Queenspark - Halswell, Orange Route

Queenspark - Halswell, Orange Route:  This bus route operates from Queenspark in the North-east of Christchurch to Halswell in the South-west of Christchurch and it includes the Extension to Kennedys Bush.
Starting at Queenspark, The Orange Route works its way through Broadhaven Drive and around into Queenspark Drive and then turns right into Inwoods Road and then turns right again when it reaches Mairehau Road and continues travelling along Mairehau Road until it reaches The Burwood Road Roundabout, then turns right into Burwood Road then turns right into The Burwood Hospital On-Site Bus Stop, then turns left into Burwood Road, travelling south until it meets the intersection of Burwood Road and Lake Terrace Road, travelling a short distance on Lake Terrace Road and then turns right into New Brighton Road until it reaches The Palms Mall at the intersection with Golf Links RoadNew Brighton Road and then crosses the intersection to the Shirley Intermediate School  on Shirley Road.
The Orange Route services the Dallington Residents Association on its northern boundary when it travels along New Brighton Road from the intersection of Locksley Avenue to The Palms Mall. 

TAKE NOTICE:  As of Monday 9th January work will be commencing on Mairehau Road to upgrade the road surface, footpaths, bus stops and other facilities in the area.  The work is expected to take about 8 Weeks.

If youhave any concerns you think we should know about, please advise us via the contact page.

Dallington - ARA - Route 44

ROUTE 44 takes you via THE PALMS via MAIREHAU and from there direct into the City. You can inter-connect with at least 5 other bus routes before you get to the City Exchange, namely, The Orbiter, Orange Route, Route 60 - Southshore to Hilmorton, Route 100 - Palms to Halswell, Route 150 - Palms to Spencerville.

Southshore - Hilmorton, Route 60

Southshore - Hilmorton, Route 60:  This bus route runs from Southshore via the New Brighton Interchange then turms right into Beresford Street then turns left into Marine Parade past the Christchurch Pier then turns left into Hawke Street then turns right into Keyes Road which becomes Rookwood Road which becomes Travis Road then turns left into Bassett Street then turns right into New Brighton Road then turns right into Lake Terrace Road then turns left into Marshland Road and continues on to The Palms Mall and then continues into North Parade and passes the Shirley Intermediate School and the Shirley Boys High School turns right into North Avon Road then turns left into Stanmore Road then turns right into Worcester Street and from here makes its way to the Central Exchange that is located between Lichfield Street and Tuam Street.

From here it continues on its journey to Hilmorton and Halswell.

Route 60  at Lake Terrace Road intersects with the Orange Route to transfer between buses to get to the Burwood Spinal Unit at Burwood Hospital and at The Palms Mall with the Orbiter, the Orange Route, Route 44, Route 100 and Route 150.


The Palms - Halswell, Route 100

Bus Route 100:  This runs from Dallington in the east to Halswell in south-west Christchurch.

This Bus Route is operated by the Red Bus Co.

It covers shops and major malls on its run including The Palms Mall and the University of Canterbury.  The part of the Dallington Residents Association this bus services is the DRA's old northern boundary along Cresswell Avenue and New Brighton Road to the intersection of New Brighton RoadShirley RoadMarshland RoadNorth Parade.  This bus also intersects with the Orbiter, Orange Route and Route 44 which connects to the newly created Dallington Extension.

  Bus Route 100 will never  take you to the Central Exchange at Lichfield Street and Tuam Street.

Bus Route 150 - The Palms - Spencerville

 Bus Route 150 - The Palms to Spencerville:  This Bus Route departs from THE PALMS MALL working its way around the block until it intersects with Marshland Road at Hercules Street traveling north on Marshlands Road Past Homebase Shopping Centre crossing over the QEII intersection and then turns right at the Prestons Road Intersection anf then turns Left into Te Korari Street and then turns right into the Lower Styx Road until the bus reaches Spencerville.

This bus route has now changed and the Bus Route above was effective from 4th September 2017!! 

Please remember that the bus operates on this route about Four to five times in each direction daily.  It is over to you the passenger to decide whether or not more bus trips are provided as they have to be justified by an increase in bus passenger numbers!!