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Committee for 20182019 Year

Committee Members for the 20182019 Year:

Chairperson:  Bebe Frayle    
Secretary:   Louise Weatherall
Treasurer:  Tony Rawston
Members:  Stephen Frayle, Catherine Harrison, Philip Haythornthwaite, Charlie Manson, Carol Manson, Paula Rogers, Jan Rawston, Louise Weatherall. 

Patron:  Anton Korunic

Community Board Representative:  Cllr Glenn Livingstone (Burwood)

Councillors:  David East (Coastal) Glenn Livingstone (Burwood)

CCC Community Development Advisor:  Natalie Dally

PLEASE NOTE:  The Committees Officer positions are dealt with by the Committee itself at the first committee meeting after the AGM.

The above positions are correct as at June 2018.