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The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the DRA for 2019 will be held on TUESDAY 30th April at 7pm at SHIRLEY LIBRARY, The Palms on Marshland Road.

Officers for the 20192020 year are appointed at the first Committee Meeting after the AGM. 

It is required to be held before the 31st May 2019.


The 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Dallington Residents Association will be held on 30th April 2019.  At the AGM people who wish to help by serving on the DRA Committee need to complete the nomination sheet which will be accepted and from this the new Officers will be selected at the first DRA meeting post AGM.  This is held on Tuesday 14th May 2019.

AGM Speakers
Speakers will be arranged for this meeting.  If you have any suggestions please get in touch with us via the website or the Chairpersons Phone Number which is in the Newsletter.

Orbiter Bus Route - CHANGES 7th January 2019

 THE  ORBITER Bus Route changes its route as of 7th JANUARY 2019.  Due to the alterations being made on QEII Drive the Orbiter travelling in a clockwise direction will TURN RIGHT out of the MAIN NORTH ROAD and travel south along CRANFORD STREET until it reaches INNES ROAD.  It will then travel east along INNES ROAD and pick up what is its current route when it passes Philpotts Road.

Similarly, THE ORBITER Bus Route travelling Anti-Clockwise changes to match the above.  Turning left out of HILLS ROAD into INNES ROAD the bus travels along INNES ROAD and will TURN RIGHT out of  INNES ROAD and travel north along CRANFORD STREET and then TURN LEFT into the MAIN NORTH ROAD travelling south to Northlands Mall on its current route.

It no longer operates via PHILPOTTS ROAD and no longer services the DIANA ISAAC RETIREMENT VILLAGE.

INFORMATION UPDATED 25th December 2018

Dangerous Websites - Do not use them



Please avoid this site under all circumstances as they do not honour their conditions of sale to you.

They are not a legal re-seller of tickets to the Canterbury Rugby Football Union games of any form, yet they advertise tickets for sale to the CRFU games - including Crusaders Games on their Website.  The site at first seems a very genuine site and this is where you must be very, very wary of it.

When you pay for the ticket you buy, you would think it was the english pound sign you are seeing.  IT IS NOT!!!

It is the Swiss Franc OR European Euro.

Your payments to Viagogo are routed through Geneva, Switzerland.

To try and get money back from Viagogo after being conned is near impossible.

Please be very very careful of this dangerous website!!!

Take notice of the fact that VIAGOGO are now being prosecuted in New Zealand for falsely onselling tickets which they have no right to do do as under New Zealand Law they have to be able to refund monies to all people if the event has to be cancelled.


Welcome to Dallington Residents' Association

The next meeting of the Dallington Residents' Assocation will be held on TUESDAY - 12th FBERUARY 2019 at 7pm. at Trade Aid, 174 Gayhurst Road, Dallington.

Buses Servicing The Dallington Residents Assn

Buses Servicing Dallington:  The bus services provided by Environment Canterbury (ECAN) that service the Dallington Residents Association have changed as of MONDAY 8th December 2014 .  These Are:
The Orbiter - NO Change!!! The ORANGE ROUTE  replaces Route 7 - Queenspark to Halswell, Route 60 - Hilmorton via City to Southshore replaces Parklands to City, ROUTE 100 replaces The Metrostar, ROUTE 44 replaces Route 146. 

The Orbiter NO LONGER operates via Gayhurst Road and Route 83 has been deleted in the Metro Review that came into effect as of December 8th 2014. 

A full description of each route and how it impacts on the Dallington Residents Association is being developed and will be able to be found by clicking on BUSES on the top menu bar.

Submission to Environment Canterbury:  The Dallington Residents Association is making a submission to Environment Canterbury (hereinafter ECAN) to alter Route 44 to make it operate more like a circular route so that the DALLINGTON RESIDENT has a direct connection again to the City Interchange.  What is your views as residents on this issue?

Please advise us via the CONTACT US page to let us know!!!!

Community Watch & Security

Community Watch has increased its patrols in the Eastern suburbs, particularly in areas where there are abandoned houses.
If you see any suspicious activity in your area, please contact the police.  
Community Watch are currently looking for volunteers.  If you are interested please contact Ray Eder on 383 5125

Security:  Please report to this website any vandalism that you see around the Dallington area.  THE PRESS on Monday 9th January 2017 reported that DRUG ADDICTS have been using the Shirley Library at THE PALMS MALL to exchange drugs.  If you see any suspicious activity please advise The Police, The Palms Security Staff or notify us via our contact page.
Since this was notified a new security officer at the Shirley Library has been appointed.

Bus Stop Vandalism Unacceptable:  Many of the "Metro Bus Finders" that tell you how far away a bus is from your bus stop are being deliberately vandalized in the Dallington & Shirley Area.  Not only do they cost money to repair BUT it also reduces the service to the bus user. Please report the location of any bus stop you know that is being vandalized to either the Police, The CCC or notify us via our contact page.

How would you like to see Dallington look in the future?

We all know that the Dallington area will be substantially changed in the future.  The Dallington Residents Association would like your view on what should be done with the area.

Dallington was originally a farming area that was then either partly developed for housing or turned to market gardens, some of which are still able to be seen today.
White baiting, fishing and boating in the area was prevalent.  Water Sports came later with the taking out of the Porritt Park loop.

The AvOn group is working with the sports clubs of the area to promote "establish a community-driven science-informed living memorial to rejuvenate and nurture the long-term environmental, economic," to "turn a tragedy into an opportunity, a polluted drain into a vibrant river system, and exhaustion and despair into hope and inspiration."

These are admirable and I am sure we would all love to see it brought to fruition.  However, by aligning themselves with the rowing fraternity they are aligning with a group largely responsible for turning a meandering river into a "drain".  They may be doing their own aims a disservice.

So what do you want for the Dallington area?
Please go to the Dallington website and let us know your dreams.  Use the Contact us button and provide us with your ideas.

Road Closures and Road Repairs


McBRATNEYS ROAD OPEN:   McBratneys Road is  OPEN.

NORTH PARADE CLOSURE: The Intersection Upgrade at the Shirley RoadMarshland RoadNew Brighton Road North Parade Intersection travelling south to Banks Avenue has been delayed until Spring 2018.  Unfortunately, rain occurred in late May 2018 and as SIX BUS ROUTES use this intersection, the assessors had no choice but to delay the work.  We will keep you informed about when the work is to start again.

NORTH PARADE UPGRADE: Please be aware that the part of NORTH PARADE between Randall Street and the North Avon Road Intersection has been re-sealed recently and has now at the time of writing this update fully re-marked.  Please however, continue to take care here while travelling to Richmond and the City.

NORTH AVON ROAD UPGRADE: Please be aware that the part of NORTH AVON ROAD  between Hills Road and North Parade will be undergoing an upgrade as of Mid January 2018.

The Traffic Lights that normally operate at North ParadeNorth Avon Road Intersection  are currently disconnected   You can only exit out of North Avon Road East of North Parade and access to this area is via Medway StreetFlesher Avenue.

The Traffic Lights at the North Avon RoadStanmore Road Intersection are Now Fully Operational and the intersection has been fully remarked.

Update as at June 6th 2018:  The work on North Avon Road is progressing well.  A lot of new kerbing has been installed and everyone is having to live with temporary bus stops on the move all the time.  Please be on the lookout for side-road closures as these can come and go very quickly.  The footpath on the north side of North Avon Road from the Stanmore Road Intersection east to Petrie Street has been resealed.

SLOW DOWN:  Slow your vehicles down on North Avon Road travelling east as you go past the North Avon Baptist Church as water is creating flooding near the Petrie Street Intersection.

We will keep you informed as to what detours are in use (if any) and any road closures that are a part of the project.

This project is expected to take until SEPTEMBER 2018 to complete.

PLEASE constantly check your accessways and bridges to make sure that NOTHING has built up against them and therefore damming the Creek

Please be careful in the DALLINGTON AREA WITH THE AFTER EFFECTS OF ANY RAIN.  Please watch the Dudley Creek for branches and rubbish!!


If there are any other roadworks that you feel the DRA should know about please advise via our Contact Us page.

Coastal Burwood Community Board - Councillors

The Following People represent the Burwood and Coastal Wards as our Councillors:
David East - Coastal and Glenn Livingstone - Burwood

Change in Ward Structure:
The Christchurch City Council Structure was altered so that as of the 2016 election there was a change in Ward names and Community Boards and the total number of Councillors plus the Mayor.

The names of our Wards in our community board area are Burwood and Coastal.

Buses to CRUSADERS Rugby and other matters

BBQ's, Buses, Rugby and other matters:
Please use the Route 44 Bus to go from Dallington to Shirley Intermediate School Bus Stop then change to the ORANGE ROUTE,  Queenspark - Halswell to go to the Rugby Matches - Please note: AMI Express for the AMI Stadium departs from The Palms at 6.10pm.
You can also use THE ORBITER to get to AMI Stadium as well.


To date:  0 Byes, 1 Wins, 0 Losses - 100% Success

NEXT AWAY MATCH:  REDSCrusaders on Saturday 2 March 2019 - BRISBANE

Next Home Match: - Crusaders v  Hurricanes on Friday 23rd February 2019 at 7.35pm.

2019 Results
 Crusaders bt Blues 24 - 22
                 Crusaders bt 
                 Crusaders bt 
                 Crusaders bt
                 Crusaders bt
                 Crusaders bt
                 Crusaders bt
                 Crusaders bt
                 Crusaders bt
                 Crusaders bt
                 Crusaders bt
                 Crusaders bt
                 Crusaders bt
                 Crusaders bt
                 Crusaders bt

Past Matches
                Crusaders bt
                Crusaders bt

                Crusaders bt

                Crusaders bt

                Crusaders bt

                Crusaders WON IN CHRISTCHURCH for the 9th Time.