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The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the DRA for 2019 will be held on TUESDAY 30th April at 7pm at SHIRLEY LIBRARY, The Palms on Marshland Road. Officers for the 20192020 year are appointed at the first


Orbiter Bus Route - CHANGES 7th January 2019

 THE  ORBITER Bus Route changes its route as of 7th JANUARY 2019.  Due to the alterations being made on QEII Drive the Orbiter travelling in a clockwise direction will TURN RIGHT out of


Dangerous Websites - Do not use them

 DANGEROUS WEBSITES VIAGOGO Please avoid this site under all circumstances as they do not honour their conditions of sale to you. They are not a legal re-seller of tickets to the Canterbur


Welcome to Dallington Residents' Association

The next meeting of the Dallington Residents' Assocation will be held on TUESDAY - 12th FBERUARY 2019 at 7pm. at Trade Aid, 174 Gayhurst Road, Dallington.


Buses Servicing The Dallington Residents Assn

Buses Servicing Dallington:  The bus services provided by Environment Canterbury (ECAN) that service the Dallington Residents Association have changed as of MONDAY 8th December 2014 . 


Community Watch & Security

Community Watch has increased its patrols in the Eastern suburbs, particularly in areas where there are abandoned houses. If you see any suspicious activity in your area, please contact the


How would you like to see Dallington look in the future?

We all know that the Dallington area will be substantially changed in the future.  The Dallington Residents Association would like your view on what should be done with the area. Dallington wa


Road Closures and Road Repairs

GAYHURST ROAD OPEN:  Gayhurst Road is OPEN McBRATNEYS ROAD OPEN:   McBratneys Road is  OPEN. NORTH PARADE CLOSURE: The Intersection Upgrade at the Shirley RoadMarshland


Coastal Burwood Community Board - Councillors

The Following People represent the Burwood and Coastal Wards as our Councillors: David East - Coastal and Glenn Livingstone - Burwood Change in Ward Structure: The Christchurch City Council St


Buses to CRUSADERS Rugby and other matters

BBQ's, Buses, Rugby and other matters: Please use the Route 44 Bus to go from Dallington to Shirley Intermediate School Bus Stop then change to the ORANGE ROUTE,  Queenspark - Halswell to go

Contact Info

Contact Information

DALLINGTON RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION Chairperson: Mark Beanland (385-1457) Dep. Chairperson:  Secretary: Bebe Frayle Treasurer: Tony Rawstron       


Local Supporters

  HANDBELL RINGING:  A different way to play music. Looking for a new hobby? Have a go at handbell r


Handbell Ringing - A New Hobby For You

 HANDBELL RINGING:  A different way to play music. Looking for a new hobby? Have a go at handbell ringing!!!! We are looking for new members with enthusiasm, dedication and a basic kn


Download our latest Dallington Newsletter

PLEASE  BE AWARE: This newsletter page is going to be updated as I have been able to locate a number of Past Dallington Community Newsletters and they will be added over time. For the sake of


Download Our Dallington Newsletter 2011 - 2015

PLEASE  BE  AWARE:  We are updating our Dallington Residents Association Newsletter Access by setting them out on pages with a FIVE YEARLY COVERAGE PERIOD. When completed this page w

Earthquake Info

Road Works - Dallington Area

ROAD  AND FOOTPATH REPAIRS: December 2016 Work is on-going upgrading and sealing footpaths on the following sections of roads in the Dallington Residents Association Area. The following res

Earthquake Info

Electric Cable Renewal

Electric Cable Renewal:  ORION in conjunction with SCIRT (Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team) is in the process of laying a new underground heavy duty electric cable of 66,000 volt

Earthquake Info


NORTH AVON R0AD - UPGRADE:  Please be aware that the part of NORTH AVON ROAD  between Hills Road and North Parade will be undergoing an upgrade as of Mid January 2018. We will keep you in

Earthquake Info

Some useful links

The Earthquake Commission www.eqc.govt.nz The Christchurch City Council www.ccc.govt.nz MetroInfo - Bus Information www.metroinfo.co.nz Canterbury Earthquake www.canterburyearthquake.org.


Dallington History

The History of Dallington    

About Us

Committee for 20182019 Year

Committee Members for the 20182019 Year: Chairperson:  Bebe Frayle     Secretary:   Louise Weatherall Treasurer:  Tony Rawston Members:  Stephen Frayle, C


Bus Routes Servicing the DRA

Buses Servicing Dallington:  All Buses that service Dallington were updated as of December 8th 2014. They are as follows: Route 44: Dallington to ARA (Christchurch Polytechnic). Terminus is


Orbiter Bus Route

Orbiter Bus Route:  The Orbiter Bus Route is a Circular Bus Route and operates by Circulating around Christchurch by interconnecting the major malls and the University of Canterbury.  It is


Queenspark - Halswell, Orange Route

Queenspark - Halswell, Orange Route:  This bus route operates from Queenspark in the North-east of Christchurch to Halswell in the South-west of Christchurch and it includes the Extension to Kenn


Dallington - ARA - Route 44

ROUTE 44 takes you via THE PALMS via MAIREHAU and from there direct into the City. You can inter-connect with at least 5 other bus routes before you get to the City Exchange, namely, The Orbiter, Ora


Southshore - Hilmorton, Route 60

Southshore - Hilmorton, Route 60:  This bus route runs from Southshore via the New Brighton Interchange then turms right into Beresford Street then turns left into Marine Parade past th


The Palms - Halswell, Route 100

Bus Route 100:  This runs from Dallington in the east to Halswell in south-west Christchurch. This Bus Route is operated by the Red Bus Co. It covers shops and major malls on its run includ


Bus Route 150 - The Palms - Spencerville - Now Bus Route 135

 Bus Route 150 - The Palms to Spencerville:  This Bus Route departs from THE PALMS MALL working its way around the block until it intersects with Marshland Road at Hercules Street traveling


DRA Constitution

 DALLINGTON  RESIDENTS  ASSOCIATION  CONSTITUTION The Constitution of an Organisation is a very important Document and to be an active Community Organisation; in our case a Reside